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Winsome Wu
27710 Havana Ave
Hayward, CA 94544

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Ph.D. Candidate @
Fuller Theological Seminary

Having completed my Ph.D. program in June 2013, my next step is to revise my dissertation for a church leadership audience.

Leadership Research Project

Survey Research: In conjuction with my Ph.D. studies at Fuller Theological Seminary, I am making plans to coordinate a survey research project among Asian American churches in Northern and Southern California in order to discover the values and qualities that Asian Americans look for in their pastoral leaders.

Survey Results: The survey results will identify a list of leadership values and qualities which can be used by church leaders to develop or enhance their leadership training and development programs.

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Upcoming Publications

Writing Project #1: One of my current writing projects involves surveying the available leadership literature written by Christian leaders and synthesizing it into a "Handbook of Christian Leadership" that would provide a helpful introduction and overview of the key concepts, theories, and practices being communicated and used by church and ministry leaders.

Writing Project #2: A second project involves writing and compiling a series of leadership training materials that could serve as a tool and resource for developing disciples, ministry leaders, and organizational leaders in church and ministry settings.